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Always ask the user!

Feedback for your business
Find out more about your customers. Empower your audience to tell you what they think.

This service will provide intel about your customers, employees, colleagues, partners or just that guy walking down the street. Quick start a feedback campaign, combine surveys, ratings and polls to own the stats and build a strategy around your audience. Everybody can access and respond to your campaign anywhere by just scanning a QR code.

Different types of campaigns suitable for best results.

Create customized campaigns

Create 5* rating, one question poll with multiple answers or complex surveys combining free text with closed ending responses and modern ratings (like/dislike, sad/mad/glad). We’ve got you covered.

Manage campaigns

Organize your campaigns the way you want. Start/stop your campaign at any time. Get advantage of your data.

Monitor activity

See feedback real time. Stats and analysis at your fingertips.

Enable your audience to respond

Mobile friendly, cool and easy to use. Run your campaigns where your audience is.

How it works
Easy steps for solid stats.

Create Feedback Campaign

Create campaign

Ready to gather data for your business? Start a campaign in 3 simple steps and get ready. Decide on a title, set a life period, add the questions you want answers for and you are ready to launch.

Feedback Campaign Launch

Launch with just a click

Has never been easier to start your 1st campaign. Print your QR code or send the campaign link to your audience. Now is time to see the data.

Answer Feedback Campaign

People start to answer

The most convenient way to answer! On your mobile phone. Always with you, always on. Share your feedback and take advantage of a better business.

How people access it
Easy! They access and respond to your surveys with their smartphone.


They scan the QR Code

QR codes are now everywhere. The only thing they need is a QR code reader installed on their smartphone (available for free on all stores). Scan and go!

They get into the app

Easy, cool and friendly mobile 1st application. Feedback as easy as you spell “FeedMe”.

They answer

The only bad feedback is the one that wasn’t given! For a better business, feed it forward.

Start now! Time to try out, ask for feedback and adapt your business.


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